Due to the significant nature of our work, MelWayne does not solicit trading partners online. Feel free to call or email for a personal consultation with an authorized mandate.

Global access to key physical assets, a solid clientele of financial partners and exclusive off take agreements set us apart from other independent trading operations.

We have direct access to seasoned Re-Sellers and major refineries alike throughout Russia, The Mediterranean, USA and other countries. Products with destinations like Rotterdam and Houston ports. Our representatives stay close to your shipment from pick-up to delivery, keeping you closely informed of its progress.

We provide advice, technical assistance and supervision in order to guarantee safe delivery of the product at the entire satisfaction of our clients. We have an extensive database of Buyers and Sellers categorized as to their particular interests that can be contacted quickly and easily.

To keep the integrity of our business, we will only negotiate with the Buyer or the Buyer’s Official Representative. In order to negotiate with the Buyer’s Official Representative we need a current and valid Letter of Authorization from the Buyer authorizing an entity or person to conduct the initial negotiation. We respect the work and commit to protect the intermediaries interest in every transaction.

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To learn more about MelWayne Oil and Gas Company Limited , or for additional information about an initial consultation, please ​​​​​contact us by completing the form to the right or email us at

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What Drives Our Business?

In our relentless pursuit of a total business capability, our clients derive benefits from our diverse portfolio and multifaceted strengths. Optimal value is delivered to our customers by our team of professional and highly dedicated staff who are committed to our core values of:

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KCU_logoKingdom Commodities Unlimited, LLC

Our Strategic Partner


Kingdom Commodities is committed to the pursuit of operational and structural excellence. We do this by delivering safe, reliable fiscal operations, and maintaining strong business controls. We believe that optimizing the value of resources through disciplined processes, we generate the most benefit for our resource suppliers, esteemed customers and global society.​

We follow the leaders of the petroleum industry in almost every aspect of the petroleum business. To help meet the world’s growing Fuel needs, KCU is currently involved in the marketing and the sales of crude oil and refined petroleum products.

Our high quality standards, integrity and vision to seek excellence in conducting a world-entity business enable continuous improvement in each of these businesses.